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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is the assessment and preservation of human function in health and chronic disease.


Functional medicine practitioners aim to address the root causes of disease and restore normal body function and physiological reserves in order to prevent and reverse chronic disease. This varies greatly from that of conventional western medicine which aims to treat or suppress symptoms to simply manage chronic disease with little focus on preventing or reversing chronic disease. 

Functional medicine is often called "root cause" medicine or the medicine of "why?" and not just "what?". This means that functional medicine practitioners ask "why?" is a patient sick and aims to address the "root cause" of disease instead of just addressing "what?" symptoms a patient may have and simply managing the symptoms with pharmaceutical medications or surgery.


Functional medicine aims to restore underlying fundamental bodily processes to reverse chronic disease and restore total sustainable health and wellness. 

What Modalities Do Functional Medicine Practitioners Utilize?

Functional medicine practitioners employ a variety of different modalities to address the root cause of chonic disease including:


Functional medicine practitioners understand how important a patients environment or terrain is to their overall health and resilence.


A person will never get better living in the same environment or same conditions in which they got sick in. A patients environment includes everything from where they live, where they work, what foods they consume, what medications they take, to what toxins they are expossed to on a regular basis and the constituents of their oral and gut microbiome.


A functional medicine practitioner's primary goal is to teach patients how to optimize their environment in order to restore physiological function and long term sustainable health and wellness without having to rely upon doctors, drugs, or surgery. 

To find out more about why functional medicine is the key to preventing and reversing chonic disease in the US and throughout the world, click here. 

Examples of Functional Medicine Cases:


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