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Nick Bodi, MS, FNP-C

            Founder and Director


Functional Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner


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I created this site so that health geeks alike could unite to geek out on their health and optimize their mind, body, and spirit through exercise, weight loss, detox, nutrition, and smart supplementation. Researched and evidence based interventions from a functional medicine perspective. 

This is not your average Joe Shmoe website selling products full of junk, fillers, and often times harmful substance to make a quick buck. 

I am a Function Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner and I teach my patients to always search for the root cause of their disease or condition. Functional medicine teaches us to use diet and lifestyle modifications first before considering supplements, medications, or more invasive interventions.


Food should always be first. After the diet is optimize, then consider smart supplementation. You can't outrun a poor diet. You will also never get better or achieve optimal wellness in the same environment you got sick in. I tell my patients that if they truly want to get better, then they must change their environment by removing toxic chemicals from personal care and cleaning products, drink clean filtered water, purify their air, strengthen their gut and microbiome, remove toxic relationships, and change the way they perceive stress, think about themselves, and love others. ​

Often, chronic diseases are the down stream effect of chronic exposure to things like hidden infections, heavy metals and environmental toxins, chronic stress, long term nutritional deficiencies, the standard american diet (or the SAD diet), and dirty electricity and EMFs. 

I teach my patients that diet and lifestyle interventions should always be first, but smart supplementation, detox, and fighting or removing persistent infections should be part of any comprehensive personalized wellness plan as well. 


Chronic disease including diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, and cancer are on the rise in the U.S. and around the globe at alarming rates.

My hope is that this website helps spread the word about root causes of chronic disease and helps as many of the individuals currently suffering from these diseases find hope and relief, and helps prevent future generations from ever having to worry or suffer. 

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