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What to Expect During Your Visit

First off, the inital office visit will be like nothing else you have experienced in healthcare or the medical field before. You will be asked to establish an online patient portal and fill out an extensive health questionairre before your first visit. 

During your initial office visit, the practitioner will review your extensive health history with you and assist you in establishing your health goals. A comprehensive physical exam will be conducted based on your specific concerns and symptoms.


This visit will last appoximately 1 hour. Your practitioner will explain the next steps in your health journey, which usually consists of collecting one or several comprehensive functional medicine tests including:

  1. Comprehensive blood work

  2. Hormone and adrenal testing 

  3. Nutrient status testing 

  4. Gut microbiome testing

  5. Toxin and heavy metal screening

  6. Food sensitivity testing 

  7. Heart and cardiovascular testing 

  8. Genetic testing 

  9. Infectious disease testing

  10. Mold and mycotoxin testing 

  11. Neurotransmitter testing 

After the information is collected and recieved, your practitioner will review the results and develop a comprehensive individualized plan of care with estimated cost of all recomendations.


During your first visit follow up, you will spend another hour long visit reviewing your results with the provider and have a thorough explanation of the findings, review of recommendations, and a review of your individualized comprehensive plan of care. 

A typical protocol for most chronic diseases can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months to complete, in which time your body will undergo powerful changes with significant improvement in health expected along the way. 

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